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Ian Peter's History of the Internet

I was fortunate to discover the Internet early on and become involved in its early development. I shared the early excitement as the Net grew from restricted academic origins into a vast global facility.

Much of what happened is undocumented. As I looked around the Internet, I found it very difficult to get good history material. A lot of what I found was too technical or academic for public consumption- a lot of the material was too narrow in coverage - and a lot was simply inaccurate!

That's why I compiled this material, started this site, and have released information on some areas of Internet history which have not been previously documented.

I hope you enjoy my personal history of the Internet. If you would like a broadcast quality CD of this material, I would be only too pleased to send it to you - click here for details.

And finally - this site is essentially a labour of love. If you would like to donate to help us with our running costs and future development, please do so.

Happy reading!

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