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General Internet History

This is a terrific list, privately maintained, of key dates and times and events in Internet history

Another good timeline with a Scandinavian bent from Harri K. Salminen.

This video, seen on public TV in many countries, is now so dated it makes you want to cringe! But it's terrific really, some great old footage, even if it gets some facts and predictions wrong

A bit too technical for most of us, but this history, written by Arpanet pioneers who were involved in the early developments is very valuable source material.

Gregory Gromov's eccentric and psychedelic site.

An excellent site at Leiden University

History of an early online educational and conferencing system


Janet Abbate's book is great for socio-economic analysis

Great book on Arpanet origins by Katie Hafner et al - debunks the theory that the Internet was built to survive a nuclear attack

Michael and Ronda Hauben's excellent book on the history of Usenet

Another early Internet history, written in 1995 by Peter Salus

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