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Frequently Asked Questions - Certificate Course in Internet History

1. If I have to go away for a few weeks in the middle of the course, does that matter?

No, you can finish it in your own time. The courses will be sent regularly to your mailbox, but the choice is yours as to when you study them and when you submit your final examination assignment

2. Am I allowed to look at my course notes while doing the final assignment?

Yes, but we do suggest see how much you can complete from memory before going back to the notes.

3. Does the course have academic standing?

This course has not formal academic standing with most educational institutions, but many may choose to recognise it as evidence of your studies in this field.

4. What do the lessons cover?

Lesson 1. Pre-History - The Network Infrastructure
All about the science fiction predictions of a future Internet from the 1800s, the development of the global network infrastructure, and how the Internet was built on existing communications and media offerings.
Lesson 2. Early history of the Internet
The true story on the origins, as told by the people who invented the Internet. It was nothing to do with nuclear wars and military defence systems, as many people believe.
Lesson 3. Computers, Networks and Modems
Trace the history of the personal computer from its early days, and how, one networks and modems were added, this became the most important building block for the global Internet we know today.
Lesson 4. Email
At first, the Internet didn't want email! But email quickly became the most important application of the Internet, and caused a dramatic growth in its use.
Lesson 5. The World Wide Web
The World Wide Web changed everything! learn how this invention shook the Internet world and caused massive growth.
Lesson 6. Early PC Networks
The early Internet wasn't just academic research networks. Learn about the history of personal computer networks and how they came to be part of the Internet.
Lesson 7. Early global spread
As the network spread beyond the USA, fascinating events and pioneering individuals played major roles in getting the Internet to each continent and area of the world.
Lesson 8. The DotCom Bubble
A major economic crisis called the dotcom bubble unfolded as the Internet grew. But, as we discover in this section, its beginnings had nothing to do with the Internet at all!
Lesson 9. The History of Internet Protocols
Increase your technical knowledge with this easy to understand description of the basic Internet protocols and how they evolved.
Lesson 10. The Future History of the Internet
Where current Internet trends are taking us, and what the future has in store.

5. What does the course cost?

The complete course costs $36.00, including all 10 lessons, assessment and mailing of your Graduation Certificate.

6. How do I join?

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