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Recommended overview products on Internet history

If you are just getting started on Internet history, we recommend the following products and resources

These two products from The Internet Tapes collection give a great overview of Internet history. The CD is professionally produced, suitable for broadcast or classroom, and the Ebook provides the read-along coverage for those who don't want to listen. Written and spoken by Internet expert Ian Peter.

This is a terrific list, privately maintained, of key dates and times and events in Internet history

Another good timeline with a Scandinavian bent from Harri K. Salminen.

This video, seen on public TV in many countries, is now so dated it makes you want to cringe! But it's terrific really, some great old footage, even if it gets some facts and predictions wrong

Compiled by Ian Peter. 10 easy weekly lessons giving a complete overview of the History of the Internet.

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