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January 2005 Newsletter


Welcome to the Internet History Newsletter, brought to you by the website. In this edition:



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It's been a quiet month, with holiday seasons in many parts of the world. But we did enjoy this response:

"thank you for your e-mail. All the information I obtained from your web site was a great help to me in my project last month. I look forward to recieving your newsletter in 2005. "

We have also been asked to participate in the National History Day initiative (see This initiative is looking at a special documentary on Internet history to be released later this year.


This year we are expanding the ways you can learn about the History of the Internet by offering an Internet History Certificate Course.

This course will be run over 10 weeks, and you can commence at any time. Once you subscribe, a lesson will be sent to you every 7 days. You should allow up to one hour per week for reading the lessons, reviewing them, and of course you may of course wish to supplement this with extra research.

After you have received all ten lessons, the last message you will receive contains your Internet History Assignment for you to complete. No essays are involved: just a series of questions to ensure you have taken in the information provided during the course

Graduation grades are PASS, CREDIT, and DISTINCTION. If you fail, you are entitled to sit again in order to obtain a pass result at no extra charge.

On completion, you will be mailed your personalised Graduation Certificate.


1. If I have to go away for a few weeks in the middle of the course, does that matter?

No, you can finish it in your own time. The courses will be sent regularly to your mailbox, but the choice is yours as to when you submit your final examination assignment

2. Am I allowed to look at my course notes while doing the assignment?

Yes, but we do suggest see how much you can complete from memory before going back to the notes.

3. Does the course have academic standing?

This course has not formal academic standing with most educational institutions, but many may choose to recognise it as evidence of your studies in this field.

4. What does it cost?

The complete course costs $US36.00, including 10 lessons, assessment, and postage of your graduation certificate.

5. How do I join?

Look for the link from

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